Standard Test Device

Energy meter power frequency magnetic field impact test apparatus

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Details Introduction

  Energy meter frequency magnetic field impact test apparatus

  According to the rules of IEC62052, the energy meter in the magnetic field intensity of 0.5mT, reference voltage and the rated current working condition, the error changing limit should not exceed the standard requirement, the device and design technology of the energy meter, having the different effect as for the power frequency magnetic field, while it is not easy to find the max position for the traditional manual test coil power frequency magnetic field, but using the GPCC-GS6 energy meter coil power frequency test device can finish the experiment easily.

  High precision 0.02/0.05 class three phase checking device, accurate test error change.

  Programmable excitation current source, at the verification device synchronization, phase angle can be set easily

  Stepper motor driver coil±180°rotate, control accuracy ±2°

  Stepper motor control coil Z axle rotate, control accuracy ±2°

  Computer can control the position and error calculate synchronous, also can set to test position error to find the max influencing quantity.

  Field generator: 0—1.0mT, step size: 0.01mT

  Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz, synchronous with the checking device voltage

  Field oil: 0.8m x 0.8m