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Service Promise

Service Promise

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  Technology promise

  1. If identical product occurs alteration in relevant aspects in future production, the company will publish it to customers;

  2.If the customer dissatisfied with performance aspects after purchasing our company products, our company will exchange it in accordance with principle of price differentials complementary;

  3.Deliver goods strictly in accordance with contract requirement and guarantee the equipment’s unpack eligible rate to achieve 100%;

  4.Implement product’s delivery standard strictly in accordance with the state relevant regulations and verification regulation;


  After-sales Service Promise

  1.For customers purchasing our company products, the company sets up special principal and equips full time serviceman to take responsibility of product maintenance, customer visiting, collecting customers’ opinion and establish customer profile so that it can provide better service for customers;

  2.Technicians give explanation and maintenance training of product technical performance, operation method, matters needing attention in using and common trouble removal methods;

  3. Implement lifetime maintenance for company product, free maintenance for three years and lifetime maintenance;

  4. Reply within 2 hours after receiving service call and the staff will arrive at the site and deal with it within 48 hours. If they can not arrive in time when special circumstances occurs, the company will notice the customer in time and ask for understanding, then negotiate to handle matters at the soonest;

  5. Actively provide customers with various software and upgrading service of products;

  6. The company established a three-level after-sales service security system:

  ① The market department of SMS company visit customers regularly;

  ② The after-sales service department of the company provides customers with timing high-quality service and visit regularly to collect customers opinions from customers;

  Phone of after-sales service department: 0371-67391366,67391377, phone of technical support department: 0371-67391372

  ③Establish a “complaint telephone of customer service quality”, 0371-67390333


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24 - hour service hotline:0371-67391344   Company address: SMS Industrial Park at No. 85 Fifth Avenue, Economic and Technical Development Zone, Zhengzhou.

Copyright © 2014 SMS Electric Co.,Ltd Zhengzhou All Rights Reserved

24 - hour service hotline:0371-67391344   

Company address: SMS Industrial Park at No. 85 Fifth Avenue, Economic and Technical Development Zone, Zhengzhou.