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Energy meter EMC test apparatus

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  Energy meter EMC test device

  As for the energy meter EMC test device, according to IEC62052 standard requirement, when putting reactance of electrostatic interference, RS, transient pulse noise immunity, Rf induced conduction harassment immunity, surge, attenuation of shock wave of immunity, radio interference suppression test, the energy meter in working condition (such as in nominal voltage), when there is no current, the register and the electricity pulse should not release the signals exceed the formulary requirement. When there is current in EMC test device, the error change requirements have to be in the standard range, this demand the checking device can output the voltage and current signals in EMC condition, and can receive the pulse signals and the error calculation. While the traditional device cannot test like this, EMC303 test device is designed and produced according to the test requirement.

  Fit the EMC experiment device; fulfill the test of the energy meter below:

  Electrostatic discharge immunity test

  Radio frequency electromagnetic field immunity test

  Transient pulse immunity test

  Rf induced conduction harassment immunity

  Test specifications for surge immunity

  Damping oscillation wave immunity test

  Radio interference suppression test

  To facilitate mobile cabinet structure

  Class of accuracy: 0.1

  Error number calculator: 3

  Current: 0.1—40A, the max output power: 200VA

  Voltage: 60—400A, the max output power: 1200VA

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