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Energy meter constant magnetic field impact test apparatus

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  Energy meter constant magnetic field impact test apparatus

  According to the rules of IEC62052, the energy meter in the out constant environment, in the working state of reference voltage and rated current, the error change limitation cannot exceed the standard requirement. And according to the test requirement, adopt the dc electromagnet, producing the 1000Ar magnetic field intensity, acting on the outside surface of the energy meter, as well as test the energy meter error change. HDCC-1000 energy meter constant magnetic field effect experiment device exert an influence to the outside surface to the energy meter, and test the error and calculate the change value.

  High precision 0.02/0.05 class three phase checking instrument, test the error change precisely

  Programmable excitation dc current source, producing 0—200mT magnetic field intensity (0—1-000At), step size 1At

  5 axis servo mechanical arms can move the outside surface of the coil in the energy meter.

  Position control accuracy: ±1mm

  Computer control the displacement and the error calculation synchronously, also can set automatic test plan to check the many directions to find the maximum factor.

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