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Talent Concept

The company guides itself with scientific development and talent concept, insisting the social responsibility norm of people oriented, enterprise and staff growing together, regarding talent as the first resource, respecting knowledge, talent, creation and labor, grasping the key links of train, attracting, usage, etc, taking scientific and technological innovation capacity as the core, taking training of high-level talents and scientific and technological innovation talent as emphasis, improving the overall quality of company’s talent team, training and creating a professional team with rational construction and good quality comprising scientific talents, marketing talents, management talents, technical personnel, skilled talents, etc.

SMS Electric hopes to attract the talents who combine personal growth with enterprise growth and whose individual professional skill and career planning meeting SMS Electric’s.

1. Talent selection concept

Employ talents possessing both ability and political integrity in defiance of rules, cultivate talents possessing political integrity but without ability before use, limit the use of the talents possessing ability but no political integrity and never use the talents possessing neither ability nor political integrity.

2. Talent employment concept

Determine accept and reject by morality, determine position by capacity and determine payment by contribution.

3. Talent cultivation concept

Use 80% talent cultivation resource to cultivate 20% excellent talents.

4. Employee relationship concept

If three of us are walking together, at least one of the other two is good enough to be my teacher! There will be good qualities that I can select for imitation and bad ones that will teach me what requires correction. We pursue the harmonious employee relationship of mutual study, mutual help, monitoring each other and co-share.

5. Salary and welfare policy

The company provides a perfect salary and welfare policy owning social competitiveness.