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DZ601-48 Single Phase Energy Meter Calibration Device

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  1. 48 positions for meter test

  2. two set separate power&standard meter to realize half meter reading and half-calibration

  DZ601-48 Single Phase Energy Meter Calibration Device

  The main features:

  1-special aluminum sectional material meter suspension rack and special network cabinet, modern appearance

  2-comprised with two sets separate power&standard meter,which can realize half meter reading and half calibrating, or whole reading,whole calibrating or half open and half close.

  3-equiped with digital multifunctional reference standard meter, high accuracy class and good stability for long-term

  4-able to operate by special operating keyboard

  5-able to realize manual or fully-automatic meter inspection by pc controlling software

  6-the software provides pre-heating function,which may realize optical scanning head auto-aligning and electronic pulses wires connection judgement

  7-able to test meters with same spec but differenct meter contants

  8-able to realize single-phase meters fully-automatically inspection as per requirments ,include: no load test, start test, basic errors test, and standard deviation test etc.

  9-Inspection project and test project can be edit, copied,deleted and password protected

  10-able to capture the color spot of the rotor for mechanical meters automatically to reduce the test time during start test and no load test

  11-able to auto-short the current circuit on idle positions, no need external connection manually

  12-all scanning heads can be turned over under collective control though a button and can be adjusted at 3-dimensions

  13-able to set and test 2-21 times harmonic wave; to measure distortion and able to analyse the output hamonic wave and draw the wavegraph

  14-it permits stop the tests for some meter position and permits test to be paused and to be kept on

  15-support user-defined barcode inputting of meter information. Automatically analysis of barcode content


item Class 0.05 Class 0.1
Equipment accuracy class 0.05 for active 0.1 for active
Standard meter accuracy class 0.02(0.05) 0.05
Measure repeatio (cosφ=1.0) 0.005 0.007
Current range 0.01A, 0.5A1.0A2 .5A 5A10A20A50A100A
Voltage range 220V
Output power voltage 600VA
Current 960VA
Voltage adjusting Adjusting range 0~120%
Adjusting resolution 10%1%0.1%0.01%
Current adjusting Adjusting range 0~120%
Adjusting resolution 10%1%0.1%0.01%
Phase adjusting Adjusting range 0.00°~359.9°
Adjusting resolution 10°1°0.1°0.01°
Frequency adjusting Adjusting range 45.00~65.00Hz
Adjusting resolution 10Hz1Hz0.1Hz
Waveform distortion <1.0%
Power stability <0.05%
Display Voltage ±0.2% ±0.2%
Accuracy class Current ±0.5% ±0.5%
  power ±0.5% ±0.5%
  frequency ±0.2% ±0.2%
  phase <0.2° <0.2°
Working power 220V±15%,50/60Hz
Dimension Meter rack  
Power case  
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