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DZ601-60 Single Phase Energy Meter test bench

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  1.Certificate: ISO 9001;

  2.Accuracy class: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2;

  3.High stability;

  4.Prompt delivery

  5.Excellent aftersale service

  DZ601-60 Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench

  Main Performance:

  1. High accuracy power and high efficient switching power supply.

  2. Big LCD screen for monitor, all kinds of manual testing will be operation be keyboard.

  3. Supporting internet working mode, inner setting TCP/IP unit, which could control TCP/IP for remote control.

  4. One PC could control more than four test equipment in long distance simultaneously.

  5. Three colors warning light for indicating remote control states.

  6. Display terminals for showing current info from remote control.

  7.Testing resolution support editing, copying, deleting and protecting password.

  8.Testing resolution manage concentratedly, and support reading from server or download from MIS net attachment.

  9.Inner setting high accurate time and frequency standard and collateral RS485 COM controller, which could test single phase multifunction energy meter.

  10.Automatically test and check error every day.

  11.Automatically test and check register's value and combined errors.

  12.Automatically test shifting error for period of time.

  13.With automatic finding black spots, recording basic info from tested meter and transferring MIS net data.

  Note: This model for internet controlling system.


  1. Accuracy class: 0.05 0.1, 0.2

  2. Output current: 0.01100A, range: 0.1A, 0.5A,1.0A, 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 50A, 100A.

  3. Output voltage: 220V.

  4. Output power: 750VA for voltage, 1400VA for current.

  5. For each range of voltage and current, 0120% of range value could be continually adjusted, the resolution <0.01%.

  6. Phase scope: 0359.9°, adjusted resolution: 0.1°.

  7. Adjusted frequency scope: 45.-65Hz, resolution: 0.1Hz.

  8. Stability for voltage, current, power output: <0.1%(PF=1, 100 seconds)

  9. Wave distortion for voltage, current output: <=1.0%.

  10. Power supply: 220±10%, AC50HZ.

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