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DZ601-24 Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench

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  1.Certificate: ISO 9001

  2.Accuracy class: 0.05, 0.1

  3.24 meter positions

  4.Prompt delivery

  5.Excellent aftersale service

  DZ601-24 Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench


  1) New-type aluminum material rack; the structure is beautiful and


  2) 24 single phase energy meters can be tested simultaneously

  3) The tested meters may be same specification but different constant.

  The multi-type meters such as single-phase mechanical,

  electromechanical and electronic meters can be tested simultaneously

  4) Outputting voltage, current, power, phase angle and frequency is

  displayed digitally at the PC interface software. Fully automatic meter

  testing controlled by computer with friendly-user software

  5) Error can display on each position for mounting meter. When error

  exceeds set value, the system will indicate

  6) Automatically capture black spots of mechanical and electromechanical

  meter, and the LED signal of electronic meter, automatically carry out

  start test and no-load test

  7) The tested meters can be sampled with scanning head

  8) Automatic short current circuit of the idle meter position, self-lock

  meter-hanging seat

  9) Equipped with time testing apparatus and GPS clock time as the

  standard to do broadcasting test of multifunction meters, such as the

  daily error, basic frequency error, time error, time interval error and

  maximum demand will be tested. All functions can be achieved by

  special function keyboard and the computer. The seller shall supply the

  buyer with the communication protocol of the RS485 port for GPS clock

  10) Automatic warning when the voltage output is short circuit (overload)

  and the current output is open circuit (overload)

  11) Fully automatic meter testing controlled by computer, intelligent data

  processing and network data sharing

  12) Randomly setting of reporting table and certificate formats

  13) Supports bar code reading


  1) Accuracy classes: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2

  2) Model: DZ601-24

  3) Equipped with high precision single phase reference standard meter

  4) The maximum output current: 120A; ranges : 0.1A, 0.5A, 1.0A, 2.5A,

  5A, 10A, 20A, 50A, 100A

  5) Output voltage: 220V

  6) Voltage output power: 480VA, current power: 700VA

  7) For each range of current, 0 ~ 120% of the range value can be

  continually adjusted, the resolution is better than 0.01% of range


  8) Accuracy of indication meter:

  a) Voltage meter: class 0.5

  b) Current meter: class 0.5

  c) Frequency meter: 0.3

  d) Phase meter: 0.3

  9) Phase scope 0 ~ 359.9 degrees, adjusted resolution is 0.1(0.01) degree

  10) Normal testing points of power factor: 0.5C, 0.8C, 1.0, 0.8L, 0.5L

  11) Range of frequency is from 45 to 65Hz, adjusted resolution is


  12) Shall set and measure 2 - 21 times harmonic wave and measure the


  13) Output power stability: 0.05% (PF=1.100s)

  14) Wave distortion of outputting: <1%

  15) Working ambient temperature: 23±2°C, relative humidity is

  less than 85%

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