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Name: FKGA22-SH603-G Type collector

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  FKGA22-SH603-G Type Acquisition Terminal is the new high-tech product, with the functions of data- collecting and saving, remote meter reading, variable parameter measurement, energy measurement, ac sampling, remote maintenance and software upgrade, and monitoring abnormal electricity. It adopts the high-performance 32 bit (ARM9 series) CPU and Linux operating system, with the functions of data collecting, data saving and processing, remote meter reading, variable parameter measurement, electric energy measuring, alternating current sampling, remote maintenance and software upgrade, abnormal monitoring electricity.

  Main technical parameter:

Technical standard: Q/GDW 374.1-2009、
Q/GDW 375.1-2009、
Q/GDW 376.1-2009
Pulse input 2~4 way
State variable input 2~4 way,input for passive open/close switch contact
Meter reading interface 1~2independent RS485port
Number of meter reading 64
Local maintenance interface 1way infrared;1way RS485;1way USB
Upward communication Wireless GPRS
Downward communication RS485
Specification Voltage 3×100V  3×220/380V
Current 1.5(6)A
Voltage measurement range 0.7Un~1.2Un
Clock battery 3.6V,1.2Ah,It can work more than 10 years if out of power
Power outages backup battery 4.8V,350mAh,chargeable
AC sampling accuracy Voltage 1.0 class Current 1.0class
Active power 1.0class Inactive power 2.0 class
Clock error ≤0.5s/d(23℃)
Checking clock error ≤2s
Operating temperature -25℃~+70℃
Dimensions 280mm×180mm×85mm(L×W×H)
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