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Name: DJGZ22-SH604 type State Grid concentrator

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  DJGZ22-SH604 type state grid concentrator is the key equipment in low voltage concentration of power line carrier meter reading system. It can read and save the electricity data of intelligent meters, state grid concentrator or acquisition module and different communication terminal automatically through downward communication channel; also it can exchange the data with the primary station or handheld device through the upward communication. While the upward channel adopts public communication network, supporting the client-side and server two kinds of communication mode, also using the module design, it can change the communication style by changing the communication module.

  It conforms the IEC standards; meet the Electric power information collection system technical specification

  Technical standards:

  Q/GDW374-2009 Electric power information collection system technical specification

  Q/GDW375-2009 Type specification of electric power information collection system

  Q/GDW376-2009 Electric power information acquisition system communication protocol

  State variable input:2 ways,input for passive open/close switch contact point

  Meter reading interface:3 ways independent RS-485 port, 1 way for setting, 1 way for meter reading, and 1 way for cascading.

  Local communication:1 way for infrared、1 way for USB、1 way for network port.

  DC sampling accuracy: voltage:0.5 class,Current:0.5 class,active power: 0.5 class,inactive power 1.0

  Power supply mode:three-phase power supply, it is still can work when cut the one-phase voltage in the state of three phase three wire or cut the two-phase voltage in the state of three phase four wires.

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