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Name: DTSD1316/DSSD1316Type three-phase electronic multi-functional energy meter

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Details Introduction

  Three Phase Multifunction Electric Energy Meter

  DTSD1316/DSSD1316 three phase energy meter is new kind of product made by SMS Electric Co., Ltd. It adopts the advanced technology to satisfy different users.

  Functions and Features:

  1. Total energy and tariff energy measurement under +P,-P,+Q,Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4\

  2. Max demand and corresponding time measurement under +P,-P+Q,-Q

  3. Programmable demand interval (1-60 min); programmable sliding interval (1-60 min), max sliding window is 15.

  4. Tariff control: programmable 4 tariffs. Two separated time & tariff programs switch are pre-setting time point. 12 times zones setting in one year, 8 weeks program (WP), 8 daily program (TP) and 12 different time sections in one day.

  5. Real-time measurement of U, I, P, Q, PF, and frequency.

  6. To record month voltage pass rate for each phase.

  7. To record last 10 beginning & ending time for lose voltage, lose current, no current, lose phase, reverse, over pressure, power off, reversed phase.

  8. Events record: To record last 10 occurring time and accumulated times for programming, time calibrating, power-on/off, low battery, abnormal resetting, cover opening, to record and display self-check errors of LCD driving, EPROM, from FLASH metering IC, clock.

  9. Communication: infrared and RS 485 communication.

  10. LCD display: auto-display/push-button display/remote-control display. Programmable display content and LCD backlight.

  11. To record Load Curve for current max demand, total 4 quadrants reactive energy, total reactive/active energy, PF. P, Q and power direction, Frequency of U I. Each data could save 10000 test points.

  12. Billing function

  13. Data frozen function

  14. Meter wake-up funcion

  The Main Technical Parameter


Technical Standard 1EC 687-1992、IEC 1036-1996、DL/T614-1997、DL/T845-1997
Specification Voltage 3 x 100V  3 x 57.7/100V   3 x 220V/380V
Current 1.5(6)A
Voltage measurement range 0.7Un~1.2Un
Accurate Level Degree Active 0.5S class reactive 2 class
Operating temperature -25℃~+55℃


Limit of Working temperature -30℃~+70℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Starting current 1‰
Overall power consumption Voltage <2W、10VA Current <1VA
Clock Error ≤0.5S/d (23℃)
Battery life 10 years
The output pulse width (80±20) ms (DC)
Boundary dimension 268mm X 162mm X 80mm (L x W x H)
Weight                       2.1Kg