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Name: DDSF1316-Z Type single phase electric multi-ratemeter
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Name: DDSF1316-Z Type single phase electric multi-ratemeter

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  DDSF1316-Z Single Phase Electronic Type Multi-rate Energy Meter

  DDSF1316-Z Single phase electronic type multi-rate energy meter is the new high-tech product, which adopts application-specific integrated circuit, latest microelectronic technique and SMT technique, meet the newest standards of the country and state grid corporation. This type of meter have the characters of strong electromagnetic interference resistance, wide operating voltage range, high reliability, long period, high accuracy, low power dissipation, electricity larceny prevention, also have the functions of electric energy measuring, data settlements, more rate measurement, communication, display, incident record and so on. It can timely meet the needs of electric power department to manage the user in scientific way.

  The main technical parameter


Technical Standard GB/T 15284-2002、GB/T 17215.321-2008、GB/T 17215.211-2006、DL/T 645-2007
Specification Voltage 220V
Current 5(20)A、5(30)A、5(40)A、5(50)A、10(40)A、5(60)A、10(60)A
Voltage range Specified operating range 0.9Un~1.1Un
The extension of the working range 0.8Un~1.15Un
The limit range of operation 0.0Un~1.15Un
Current overload capacity 301max(applying for rated frequency half cycle)


Accuracy Class 2
Operating temperature -25℃~+60℃
Limit of Working Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Starting current 0.004lb
Power dissipation Voltage circuit <1.5W, 10VA (the state of communication); Current circuit<1VA
Boundary dimension 160mm x 112mm x 71mm (Length x Width x Height)
Weight About 0.7Kg
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