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Name: Energy Meter tester general package

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  There may be more than one high precision standard power energy meter in your department, which can help to realize the reliability of the parameter by comparing the data. Well at the same time it also causes the problems in performance and inconvenience. And because the different operation interface, the record result needs to be written and clear up by hand, which can not realize the automatically work between the checked device’ signals, making the high-range energy meter (especially the imported energy meter) effectiveness greatly reduced. According to this situation, SMS Company produces energy meter calibration device check general package, and the functions are as follows:

  Can realize the communicate signals of the three phase high level standard power energy meter between SMS, EMH, ZREA, Radian, control the gears and wiring, read the data and error in current time.

  Can realize the communicate signals of the device produced in national main instrument factory, control the device gears and output, realize the error test automatically.

  According to JJG597-2005, realize to test of the instrumentation, degree of symmetry, stability, degree of distortion, error, S value, magnetic induction intensity, end with the same pressure drop, etc. and also realize the record, deal with the parameter.

  Can according to the requirement of the rules, automatic generating the checking record, checking report, checking the certificate and print.

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