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Name: 0.02 Class Energy meter calibration device tester

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  1. 0.02 class energy meter calibration device instrument

  Facing as many as dozens of single/three phase device in measurement checking center and Production Company, it is a challenge work to check and test to the device according to IEC 60736. While the high effective energy meter checking device instrument will shorten the workload in the scene detection and post-processing, also will much increase the efficiency. MDP2002A energy meter checking instrument meter will be your best choice, it is composed of 0.02 class three phase wide-range standard digital power meter, ultrathin laptops( or computer ) and the special testing software; and the testing software can realize the all items test except the insulation and pressure test according to IEC 60736, including the test of the instrumentation, degree of symmetry, stability, degree of distortion, error, S value, magnetic induction intensity, end with the same pressure drop, etc. and also realize the record, deal with the parameter, print the report and certificate automatically.

  Class of accuracy: 0.02

  Voltage range: 60—400V

  Current range: 0.1—100A

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