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Name: Energy meter communication protocol testing device

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  SMS ELECTRIC CO., LTD ZHENGZHOU, together with CHINA ELECTRIC POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, develops DTC312 energy meter communication protocol testing device. It is based on DL/T614-2007<<Multi-functional energy meter>> and DL/T645-2007<<Multifunctional energy meter communication protocol>>, and it can produce 7 kinds of data named by DL/T645-2007, and generate different incidents and conditions under the control of the testing software, offer the standard testing platform for the energy meter local communication protocol.

  1. It can test the single/three phase energy meter according to DL/T645-2007 <<Multi-functional energy meter communication protocol>>.

  2. Double RS485 communication ways, it can test the two ways 485.

  3. It equips multiplexed carrier communication converter, built-in three common use carrier converter module, and can choose the carrier module type.

  4. It can test 12 pieces of different single or three phase energy meters.

  5. It can control the device output to generate different multi-functional energy meter testing incident by the computer testing software, such as: voltage loss, undervoltage, overvoltage, loss of phase, voltage loss, inverse phase sequence voltage, voltage imbalance, flow loss, over current, cutoff, reversal tidal current, overload, power down, positive active demand overrun, and offer different conditions for the multi-functional energy meter, and combine the testing software, finish the test of multifunctional energy meter incident record and communication protocol.

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Copyright © 2014 SMS Electric Co.,Ltd Zhengzhou All Rights Reserved

24 - hour service hotline:0371-67391344   

Company address: SMS Industrial Park at No. 85 Fifth Avenue, Economic and Technical Development Zone, Zhengzhou.