Standard Test Device

Name: DZ603-3 Three Phase Meter Test Bench

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Details Introduction


  1.Certificate: ISO 9001;

  2.Accuracy class: 0.05, 0.1;

  3.High stability;

  4.Prompt delivery

  5.Excellent aftersale service

  DZ603-3 Three Phase Meter Test Bench

  Main function:

  1- The operation can be controlled via special keyboard or PC software

  2- Program controlled power source , high precision reference standard meter

  3- output voltage and current adopts soft- stop and start alarm protection for voltage short circuit and current open circuit

  4- support starting test and no-load test by keyboard

  5- support 2-21st harmonic wave output by keyboard

  6- keyboard current load testing point setting in common use: Imax400%200%150%100%50%20%10%5%

  7- keyboard voltage load testing point setting in common use: 115%110%100%80%

  8- keyboard phase testing point setting in common use:0.5L, 1, 0.8C

  9- Voltage/ current/ frequency and phase angle shall be programmed freely under manual Calibration

  10- support reverse phase-sequence output

  11- Current/voltage support both actual value display and percentage value display

  12- Support the function of testing 3 pcs single-phase meters simultaneously(optional)

  14-Tested meter type:

  2wire active

  (only one unit single-phase meter is available if without the 13)function above )

  4wire active

  3wire active

  4wire 90° reactive

  3wire 60°reactive

  3wire 2-element 90° reactive

  4wire reactive ture

  3wire reactive ture

  Techincal index:

  The lowest accuracy of the standard meter of the device is indicated

  as follows:

  1) Class of the device:0.05, 0.1, 0.2

  2) Accuracy of the standard meter: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2

  Other indexes:

  1) Voltage output: 57.5,100,200,380V, 0-120% of each range continue adjusting

  2) Current output: 0.1A,0.5A,1A,2.5A,5A,10A,20A, 60A , 0-120% of each range continue adjusting

  3) Signal output: 45 - 65Hz, 0.1Hz

  4) The phase between the voltage and current: 0 - 360°, 0.1°step


  5) Three phase symmetry: distortion less than 0.5°

  6) Output power stability: <0.05%

  7) Output voltage (current) distortion: <1% (voltage <30VA, current


  8) Output voltage, current, phase-division power indicating meter: 4 digit

  and half, accuracy: 0.5 class

  9) Phase display: 0 - 359.9°, error <±0.5°, resolution: 0.1°

  10) Frequency display: 45.0 - 65.0, error <0.01Hz, adjusting resolution:


  11) Power supply: 220V/230V/240±10%, frequency: 50Hz,60Hz

  12) Working environment: temperature 20±2°C; relative

  humidity: 80%