Simulation Equipment

Name: DCZL23-SH605 Type collector

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Details Introduction

  DCZL23-SH605 type collector, which follow the SGCC's standard design strictly, is the residents centralized meter reading product. It completely meet the needs of technical standard of the SGCC and type specification. This product can read more than 32 user's energy meter electricity quantity through meter reading 485 port. It can finish the communication by power line carrier and concentrator. At the same time, this product also can keep information of the energy meter and record the anomalous event on-site. It makes easy for the electricity company to analysis the incident.

  Main technical parameter:


Technical standard

Q/GDW 374.2-2009、
Q/GDW 375.3-2009

Meter reading interface

1 way independent RS485 port

Number of meter reading


Local maintenance port

1 way infrared port

Upward communication mode

Low voltage power line carrier

Downward communication mode


Mode of connection

Single-phase supply

Operaturing voltage


Overvoltage capability

can sustain 1.9 times of the overvoltage capability mostly

Power consumption


Working temperature scope


Structure dimension