Simulation Equipment

Name: FCC(G)B02602 meter reading terminal

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Details Introduction

  FCC(G)B02602 meter reading terminal is such an advanced technology product, with the functions of data-collecting, processing and saving, remote meter reading, remote maintenance and software upgrade. It adopts high-performance 32 bits (ARM 9 series)CPU and Linux real-time operating system, having the characteristics of advanced design, high reliability, high compatibility, stable operation and complete functions. It is the best choice for power formula meter reading automatically, data statistics and load management.

  Main technical parameter:

Technical standard

Q/GDW 376.1-2009

Meter reading interface

1 way independent RS485 port,It can join up 8 energy meters

Local maintenance interface

1 way infrared

Upward communication mode

Wireless GPRS

Downward communication mode


Operaturing voltage


Operaturing temperature range