Simulation Equipment

Name: FKGA23-SH609-G Type Collector

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Details Introduction

  FKGA23-SH609-G Type Acquisition Terminal is the latest product which meet the needs of National Grid 2013. It is the new high-tech product with the functions of data collecting, data saving and processing, remote meter reading, variable parameter measurement, electric energy measuring, alternating current sampling, remote maintenance and software upgrade, abnormal monitoring electricity. It adopts the high-performance 32 bit(ARM9 series) CPU and Linux operating system, having the functions of advanced design, high reliability, high compatibility, stable operation, complete functions. It has the flexible way of electric energy metering, and it can be connect with the different energy meters by pulse and RS485 mode.

  The main technical parameter:

Technical standards

Q/GDW 1374.1-2013

Q/GDW 1375.1-2013

Q/GDW 1376.1-2013

Q/GDW 1376.3-2013

Impulse input

2 ways, no power, pulse width resolution 80ms

State variable input

2 ways, input for passive open/close switch contact

Meter reading interface

2 independent RS485 port

Number of meter reading


Local maintenance interface

1 way for infrared; 1 way for RS232; 1 way for USB

Upward communication

Wireless GPRS

Downward communication




3x100V   3x220/380V




Voltage measurement range

0.7 Un—1.2Un

Clock battery

3.6V, 1.2Ah, Power off, the clock can still work for 10 years

Ac sampling accuracy


1.0 class


1.0 class

Active power

1.0 class

Reactive power

2.0 class

Clock error

≤0.5s/d (23℃)

Working temperature



                                         290mm x 180mm x 95mm (L x W x H)