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Intelligent detection robot change watt-hour meter calibration model

2013-09-11 18:14

  Have you ever thought, there may be a future robot housekeeper for your room? But before the realization of this idea, the robot must be capable of identification, mobile and grab objects.

  Now, you are intelligent watt-hour meter calibration robot can see this kind of ability. The robot is a member of the family of watt-hour meter flexible automated verification system, by the independent research and development of chongqing electric power research institute. Technical staff called them "small".

  "Small single" belly, long arms, dressed in a white dress, every day on the job is to catch the watt-hour meter calibration, after waiting for inspection on the watt-hour meter down again. They have a pair of "hand" on the "eye", for accurate positioning and barcode scanning at the same time, to the appearance of the watt-hour meter, which can identify if the watt-hour meter is broken, they can see at a glance, and timely "notification" technical personnel for processing.

  "Small single" brothers and sisters in 11 labor, they can also put three single-phase watt-hour meter. Personnel according to the chongqing institute of technology says, "small single" adopting the principle of bionics design, not only can realize the above-mentioned, discharge table, such as simple mechanization operation, also have the robot motion path automatic teaching, devise precise positioning and product appearance identification, and other functions. In the same area, the robot calibration capacity is 1.8 times that of artificial detection at the same time, can effectively eliminate the artificial verification quality differences and geographic factors, reduces the incidence of metering disputes, to further improve the transparency and credibility of the measurement, ensure accurate and fair measurement.

  At present, watt-hour meter flexible automatic verification system has been put into use in chongqing. The system is mainly composed of intelligent robot, automatic calibration and automatic seal device, it changed the watt-hour meter calibration model put into use.

  "In China industry research network on June 9, 2013


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