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In the electric power reform: state grid "split into five"?

2013-09-11 18:12



  According to caixin, state grid is pushing for a new round of reform, the preliminary design is to state grid company split into five; Brewing splitting scheme is the SGC by region is divided into five independent regional network company, and southern power grid, there will be six regional power grid company of China. Reform is expected to start after the national annual.

  To this, the xinhua news agency reported that said Jia Fuqing 20, director of the economic restructuring office of the state grid, state grid didn't received any notice or news on this; Understands from the national development and reform commission TiGaiSi, deepening the reform of economic system in 2013 under the state council opinions for advice, not split the contents of the national grid.

  In fact, the recent related to electric power system reform have been mentioned. At the end of 2012, the state council approved the cancel key coal and electricity contract coal prices double track, the national development and reform commission and in January 2013 to increase wind power and photovoltaic power generation capacity is put forward. Then in the national "two sessions" period, with the super-ministries reform, electric supervisor will undo, functions incorporated into the national energy administration. Since founded in 2003, the regulator will have separate government functions from enterprise management, the factory has been basically achieved net separately, advocate complementary to separate. Because encroached on the interests of the grid, distribution separated the bone electrical supervisor will still move on.

  But the electric power market reform in the hope of coal and axle and electrical supervisor will be incorporated into the energy bureau is unrealistic. After the reform of energy management pattern no substantial breakthroughs, is crucial in the field of electric power reform price still belongs to the national development and reform commission price department. Functions of the positive aspects of this merger is the enhanced energy administration may be able to boost power reform, but the question now is excessive regulation and energy sector monopoly, two department after the merger should avoid running status of the hand of more administrative intervention, and according to the requirement of the institutional reform further straighten out the relationship between the government and the market.

  Current grid system is centralized intersection of multiple contradictions, including large and low efficiency, excessive monopoly and control of resources, lack of power market mechanism causing lose placement under the integration of electricity price distortions. The problems in the state grid also be pushed to the forefront of public opinion. In this case, from the national level to promote system reform is likely starts from the reform of the national grid. It also reveals the national level in restricting the national grid centralization and monopoly's intention is very obvious.

  Splitting the state grid is not the core power system reform



  After decades of extraordinary development, our country power installed size and scale of power grid has been the world's first, the basic solution to the problem of hard power shortage. The efficiency is low, but the whole electric power industry system in the development of power industry sustainable and coordination problems still unsolved.

  Especially in the rigid electrovalence system lead to power generation enterprise profit ability is weak, lead to periodic power shortage and excess electricity appeared again and again. And not to coordinate the relationship between power generation and transmission enterprises, and led to the regional power shortage and nest electricity phenomenon. Also not coordinate between the grid and distribution network, with electrical equipment caused the backward situation.

  To solve these ills is not one day work. The previous round is in 1998 institutional reform of the state council power system reform under the background of propulsion, before and after nearly eight years; The formation of electric system reform scheme of 2002 and lasted nearly five years. Today's situation is more complex than at the time, encountered resistance and more powerful, difficult to subversive reform results in a short time.

  And power is the foundation of the economic production and the development of our country energy, social phenomena; And currently only direct service network of more than 2 million employees, reform is directly related to the livelihoods of millions of families. Electric power system reform is more likely to gradually introduced in the exploration, power generation and power grid, the central and the local on the identity of the reforms will also differ greatly, reform is difficult to one pace reachs the designated position.

  The focus of the future power grid reform or distribution separation, clarify the cost of power grid. If it didn't do it, just split the state grid corporation of physical does not solve the fundamental problem. And basic distribution separation is the premise of resources abundant, terminal in place, the price is flexible, competition fully, but it is difficult to have the present condition.

  Separation of distribution: the first step to break the monopoly?



  Market of electric power system reform direction has been expected, future reform will be a gradual process, to ensure implementation of electricity pricing mechanism of the marketization of (relative), based on the electricity grid to change the first thing to do is not split, but the distribution of the separation on the business level.

  The so-called distribution separation is the ultra-high voltage transmission network with medium and low voltage distribution network resources, business accounting, respectively.

  First of all, the core of the reform goal is to straighten out electricity pricing mechanism, namely from upstream to downstream for coal prices of electricity price linkage of market regulation. Accounting should focus on the transmission cost, at the same time, regional distribution companies on behalf of the end user and power plant of dealmaking.

  Need to point out that the grid is most the most core infrastructure, secondary energy supply in the world generally adopt "protection" and "monopoly". In power generation, transmission, dispatching, distribution in four link, link transmission and dispatching shall be defined as "public welfare" and maintain relatively "monopoly". So the so-called spin-off grid is not short-term core contradiction, actually also has nothing to do with the reform of core interests, the reform should first do is to separate distribution.

  Based on the current development level and the construction demand, domestic distribution company shall, upon completion of basic construction gradually after the separation, and competitive negotiation on behalf of the local users and power plants - which determines the reform is advancing step by step "distribution separation".

  His shan zhishi: Europe and the United States electric power enterprises have stable earnings

  American electric power system reform started in 1978, the introduction of competition mechanism, the implementation of electricity market model, namely "factory network separation, for on the Internet, government pricing" (parliament). The 1992 revision of the energy policy act all kinds of electric power enterprises shall have the right to equality, open access to the grid. Since then to market-oriented to break the monopoly and become the main content of the electric power system reform in the world. Eu countries also has started to electric power system reform, to break the monopoly, introduce competition.

  Change but from Europe and the United States electric, electric change did not make the wholesale electricity prices, similar to our country's "feed-in tariff") and sales prices. 2002-2011, the United States department of power and utility of the average wholesale price rose 42.25%, 1998-2010, the average wholesale price of 15 European Union countries rose about 150%.


  The primary goal of the power system reform is not splitting the state grid, but promote the separation of distribution; Involves the interests of the current electricity reform and the crowd is more big, the process will be difficult to happen overnight, but have faith for reform.


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