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State grid plan 3 years investment of 24.38 billion 2015, realizing a complete coverage of electricity

2013-09-11 18:14

  This morning, the state grid company and the sichuan, Tibet, gansu, qinghai, xinjiang five provinces (autonomous regions) government signed in Beijing jointly accelerate the agreement without electricity power construction. State grid company plans to invest 24.38 billion yuan in 24.38 billion, all the power of the large power grid without electricity within range of the population problem.

  According to introducing, so far, China's sichuan, gansu, qinghai, xinjiang, Tibet and other remote minority areas, population migration area is without power, a total of 597000 households, 2.527 million people. Most of these WuDianHu in remote areas, hill high water far, alpine hypoxia, traffic inconvenience, construction conditions, engineering cost is high.

  State grid corporation established "scattered is given priority to with big power grid extension power supply, power supply on the power supply is complementary" principle, to develop a comprehensive solution to the problem of without electricity, plans to invest 24.38 billion yuan (including fastening the networking project), through the grid extension to the greatest extent, solve the 427000 WuDianHu, 1.749 million without electricity power problem of the population. Live the rest of the dispersion, large power grid can't cover 170000 households, 777000 people without electricity, the local government is responsible for the disperse power supply solution.

  "China electronics news on June 9, 2013


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