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Three CDH electrical won the 2013 best high enterprise honorary title

2013-09-11 02:29

  On April 18, 2013, general office of the people's government of zhengzhou city issued on the release of zhengzhou list of the top 2013 enterprises and high notice, zhengzhou three whole foods co., LTD., zhengzhou CDH electric co., LTD., 100 companies, such as high enterprise was named in 2013.

  In order to further speed up the economic development of zhengzhou city, promote the city's industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, give full play to the superior enterprises take the lead and lead role, of zhengzhou city, zhengzhou city government organized the 2013 enterprises of high and the selection of the enterprise. The selection standard main reference to enterprise year operating income, industry influence and taxes, and many other factors, many aspects, the evaluation of the comprehensive strength of the state-owned enterprises in all aspects.

  Three CDH electric factory since 1996, always implement the practice of the "technology pilot, quality xingye, people-oriented, scientific management, high-quality products in three brands, with sincere service to win customers trust" the quality policy, strict product quality, constantly seeking new breakthrough products, thus created the company's sales network has covered domestic market 95% of the good situation, and implemented many times to compete with international well-known enterprises, some products in accordance with the requirements of foreign companies design alone, enjoy higher reputation in the international market.

  Three CDH electric as high-tech enterprises, has long been on the technological innovation of forge ahead and considerate in service customers in a timely manner are laid a strong influence of the small and medium-sized enterprises in zhengzhou city, so three CDH electrical again after 2012 zhengzhou city hundred high enterprise has won the honorary title of 2013 annual zhengzhou city hundred enterprises.


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