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0.01 ac/dc indicating meter calibration device ADR3000 through a comprehensive check and accept

2013-09-11 17:37

  I worked with company of henan electric power test research institute of the 0.01 -magnitude ac-dc indicating meter calibration device ADR3000 since put into operation in October 2007, after a measurement science research institute of henan province comprehensive test and test as well as the national electric institute test certification, and a variety of testing equipment, automatic detection of implementation, in late February 2008 complete the development work of the project, to this, has the domestic leading level 0.01 high precision automatic ac/dc meter standard device was formally born.

  ADR3000 is a standard for verification ac-dc power indicating instrument verification or multi-function watt-hour meter standard of intelligent power device, it is a built-in precision test three-phase ac power supply, a dc voltage, current source, a 0.01 -magnitude COM3000 standard power three-phase watt-hour meter, a high precision digital meter FLUKE8508A eight and a half, and through the general control unit to achieve a variety of work mode switching and data processing, can be read out by computer control device for the power supply and standard meter readings and, at the same time to tables with a variety of domestic standards, ac-dc power indicating instrument verification, such as communication, realizes automatic calibration function, has been able to achieve the three CDH, such as domestic branch, lu Dan dick many ac/dc power meter calibration device, multi-function standard watt-hour meter realize communication and control, such as automatic control output and readings, multi-function, multiscale automatic calibration, so as to solve the previous calibration ac-dc power multi-function instrument and device does not automatically.

  Detailed product information, please click the following link ADR3000 ADR3000 ac-dc power meter standard device


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