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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

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  Technology research and development capacity

  The company has an excellent technology development team, including senior professional titles 25 (therein, 5 are masters and PhD), intermediate professional titles and above taking up 40%. They all have long job qualifications in electric energy metering and electrical logging industries, professional knowledge in the aspects of electrical logging, micro-electronics, electromagnetism, single-chip microcomputer’s software and hardware, PC software, electric energy metering, etc, various professional shill covering all parts from technology research and development to manufacturing technique, quality, measurement and test as well as comprehensive technical management.

  The company has a provincial technique center, comprising three departments of research and development center, technical development department and product test room. The research and development center is mainly composed of senior core professionals, who devote together to new product technology’s development and existing technologies’ constant upgrading and rebuilding, making the company product at leading level in the domestic industry. The company’s technical development department takes responsibility of company product’s technology upgrading and technical support, including changing the line of production, popularization and application of research and development department’s new technology and product, manufacturing product’s upgrading and technology upgrading, technical proposal support of user customized product and other works; product test room comprises product type test room, EMC reliability test room, high low temperature environment test room, software testing and verifying test room, scene technology department and other departments, which mainly provide process technology support and product reliability control for design output and scene producing product, through product prototype test and EMC reliability test, constantly improving product’s reliability, assuring functional correctness and operational reliability of software through comprehensive software testing and verifying, assuring production department to manufacture and verify product in accordance with scientific process through comprehensive standardized process control.

  ISO9001 Quality Control

  To guarantee constantly and stably manufacturing high-quality product, the company established a quality control system in accordance with GB/T19001-1994 idt ISO9001:1994 Quality System - Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing, and passed a one-time certification of China new age quality system authentication center on April 26, 2001. Then it passed a one-time authentication for change work of version 2000 in July of 2003. It passed a one-time authentication for China Quality Mark Certification Group’s change work of version 2008 in May of 2009, and it passed a one-time recertification of China Quality Mark Certification Group’s quality system of version 2008. The company insists the idea of continuous improvement, satisfying and surpassing customers’ requirement, constantly perfecting, refining and improving quality control level.

  Standard Equipment

  The company has 2 sets of class 0.01 three phase standard electric energy meters, taking responsibility of quality transmission of the company’s entire electric energy measuring;

  The company established a standard measurement laboratory, applying to internal standard calibration and new product type tests.


  Implement comprehensive electrostatic prevention control measures during the production process to eliminate the potential hazard and damage to products caused by static electricity.

  EMC Test

  The company established an EMC electromagnetic compatibility test room applying to implement comprehensive test and reliability verification of products’ electromagnetic compatibility. It is equipped with electrostatic discharge tester, Electrical fast transient/burst testing equipment, surge testing equipment, damp oscillatory wave generator, EMC power supply, voltage dropping equipment, power supply dropping equipment and other equipments, providing a forceful guarantee for products’ performance test under complex electromagnetic interference environment.

  Promise of After-sales Service

  The company has established a perfect after-sales service system and implemented promise system of product’s after-sales service to guarantee the timing and reliability of after-sales service.

  The company established an after-sales service center, setting up special customer profiles, equipping with full-time serviceman to take responsibility of products’ after-sales maintenance, upgrading, customer visiting and other relevant works;

  Product’s lifetime warranty and free software upgrade.


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Copyright © 2014 SMS Electric Co.,Ltd Zhengzhou All Rights Reserved

24 - hour service hotline:0371-67391344   

Company address: SMS Industrial Park at No. 85 Fifth Avenue, Economic and Technical Development Zone, Zhengzhou.