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Name: DTZY1316-G Type three-phase fee charged with intelligent energy meter

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Details Introduction

  DTZY1316-G Type Three Phase Fee Charged with Intelligent Energy Meter

  DTZY1316-G type three phase fee charged with smart energy meter, which is the new generation of intelligent long-distance fee charged energy measuring product by SMS ELECTRIC CO., LTD ZHENGZHOU, adopts the modern microelectronic technique, computer technique, energy measuring technique, and data communication technology. It is composed of measuring unit, data processing unit and communication unit, having the functions of measuring the energy meter, data saving and processing, real-time monitoring, load control, information interaction, communicate in local, long-distance communication and charge; It also can measuring the power data, ascending the different incident happened in the power supply process. At the same time, it supports the local communication and GPRS long-distance communication modes, and realized the combination of local measurement and long-distance data transmission. It also has the function of copying the under electric meter, and it can copy eight energy meters at most. This product is easy to use and maintain, and it is the ideal measuring instrument in the construction of the intelligent electric network.

  The main technical parameter


Technical standards: GB/T 17215.211-2006、GB/T 17215.321-2008、
GB/T 17215.323-2008、GB/T 17215.301-2007、
DL/T 614-2007、DL/T645-2007、Q/GDW376.1-2009
Communication code Wireless GPRS, Local RS485, Infrared
  Voltage 3x220/380V
Specification Current 1.5(6)A
Voltage measurement range 0.7Un---1.2Un
Accuracy class Active 1 class Reactive 2 class


Operating temperature -25℃-- +55℃
Relative humidity ≤75%
Starting current Transformer connection type: 0.002ln {1class}
Overall power consumption 1.5W、6A
Clock error ≤0.5s/d (23℃)
Battery life  10 years
The output pulse width (80±20) ms (DC)
Dimension 290mm X 170mm X 85mm (L x W x H)
Weight About 2.3Kg