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Name: Energy meter on-site tester

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when on-site calibration work, calibrator weight, wiring/operator convenience, reliability and accuracy, power and other factors determine the evaluation criterion of the on-site calibrator. SMS takes offering the easy to operate, high reliability and accuracy, low power consumption as the ultimate goal, developed a whole new generation of tablet-based virtual instrument field calibrator, to bring a new experience for your site calibration.

On-site calibrator is composed of test unit and operating unit.

Test unit adopts integration industrial plastic shell, easy to wire rod and test.

The operating unit adopts Andriod system in the tablet or intelligent mobile phone, easy to operate in hands.

Wireless bluetooth communication, the test is not effected by the live environment.

It can verify active/inactive power, the primary meter and subtabulation error.

Smart wiring wrong judgement, ratio test, harmonic test

Interface with the marketing system, download work orders automatically, meter asset information, upload test data

GPS positioning technology and GPRS technology integration can be achieved with GIS and remote data upload series interface

Accuracy claass:0.05level0.1level

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