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AMT3000 Three phase energy meter automatic verification system
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AMT3000 Three phase energy meter automatic verification system

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  1.Certificate: ISO 9001

  2. Test all items according to IEC and ANSI standard

  3. Can calibrate 1~2 million meter per year

  AMT3000 Energy Meter Production &Test System

  Specially designed for testing large quantity energy meter,


  (1)equipment Accuracy class:0.05, suitable for the test of connect via voltage and current transformerenergy meter; 0.1, suitable for the test of direct connect (without disconnecting U-I link) energy meter.

  (2)equipment output power range:3×(57.7~380)V, 3×(0.01~25)A, connect via voltage and current transformerenergy meter ;3×(57.7~380V),3×(0.005~100)A.

  (3)Reference standard meter:Accuracy class :0.02,connect via voltage and current transformer energy meter; Accuracy class: 0.05, direct connect energy meter.

  (4)Reference standard meter testing scope:3×(57.7~380)V, 3×(0.005~20)A ,connect via voltage and current transformer energy meter;3×(57.7~380)V,3×(0.01~100)V

  (5)Standard frequency meter accuracy:≤10-8;

  (6)Meter Position number of single equipment and general Meter Position: Satisfy the requirement of construction scale;

  (7)other index should according with JJG597 and state reference requirement.

  2,withstand voltage tester

  (1)capacity: total capacity≥500VA;

  (2)Meter Position number of single equipment: Confirm according to the equipment system design

  (3)Voltage maximum tolerance:≤±3%.

  (4)Leakage current maximum tolerance:≤±5%.

  (5)Test voltage(effective value):(0~5000)V,adjustable.

  (6)Total breakdown alarm current: ≥100mA; each Meter Position breakdown alarm current 0~10mA can be set.

  (7)Waveform:50Hz sine wave, wave distortion <5%.

  (8) Voltage duration:(0~99)s,can be set,error≤1s.


  loading and unloading transport line rate:can be set in range(5~16)m/min;

  Noise: equivalent noise level of system not more than 60 dB;

  Building block design:flexible split,valid combination;

  System integration:Each composition module of a system integrate tightly, connect with the storage system seamlessly, achieve information interaction with related system;

  Running hours: no less than 7×24 hours;

  Designed life:Testing device no less than 10 years; Part of testing transport no less than 20 years.

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