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DZ603-12 Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench

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  1.Certificate: ISO 9001;

  2.Accuracy class: 0.05, 0.1;

  3.High stability;

  4.Prompt delivery

  5.Excellent aftersale service

  DZ603-12Three-Phase Energy Meter Test Bench

  Main functions:

  1- Applied to test all kinds of single and three-phase energy meters, whatever electronic or mechanical type or electromechanical, active meter or reactive meter.

  2- Simultaneously test meters with same specifications but different constants

  3- Operation mode: SMS special keyboard and SMS PC software control

  4- Display mode: error indicator on each meter position / PC monitor

  5- Support all test items covered by related regulations, include:

  no-load test/ start test/ basis errors test/ voltage influence test

  meter constant test/ meter reverse turn test/ energy counting test etc.

  6- The electric-driven mechanism controls elevate /lower all of scanning heads

  7- Simultaneously full-automatic current/voltage measuring range switching

  8- Output voltage and current adopts soft- stop

  9- Auto-alarming protection against output voltage short circuit and current open circuit

  10- Auto capturing the black dot on the rotor before starting test and no-load test

  11- Harmonic setting

  12- Distortion degree measurement

  13- Waveform display

  14- Support reverse phase-sequence output

  15- Programmable voltage/ current/ frequency and phase angle

  16- Support bar code input, error curve, error limit setting , multi-mode calibration plans setting and equipment authority by pc software

  17- Support data processing and verification certificate printing with customized table format

  18- Self- testing, pc software could read out standard meter tested data, and calculate power stability, testing symmetry, display vector chart and waveform, testing harmonic analysis distortion.


  Voltage output ranges: 57.7V, 100V, 220V, 380V

  Current ranges: 1m A, 5m A, 10m A, 25m A, 50m A, 0.1A, 0.5A, 1.0A ,2.5 A,5 A,10 A,

  20 A,50 A,100 A,

  Voltage/current adjusting resolution: 0.01% × range

  Voltage and current adjusting scope: (0-120%)×range

  Phase scope: 0-359.9 º, adjusting continually.

  Resolution is 0.01 º,accuracy: ±0.05 º

  Frequency output scope: 45.00-65.00 Hz, adjusting continually.Resolutions is 0.01 Hz, accuracy: ±0.05 Hz

  Output current and voltage stability:<0.05%, output power stability:<0.05%

  Output voltage and current distortion:<0.5%

  Output power: voltage: 280VA/phase

  current: 450VA/phase

  10. Accuracy class: 0.05,0.1

  11. Power supply: 3×220V or 1×220V ±10%, AC 50Hz

  12. Meter position: 12, 16, 24 optional

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Company address: SMS Industrial Park at No. 85 Fifth Avenue, Economic and Technical Development Zone, Zhengzhou.