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Name: SH-FZD Single phase simulational meter

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  Simulation energy meter mainly used in electricity metering simulation training, according to the instructions to simulate variety of electrical parameters, onsite electricity data, onsite instant data, state, incident and abnormal condition. According to different users, the simulation energy meter divides to 3 kinds: single simulation meter, three phase four wires simulation meter, three phase three wire simulation meter.

  Because three phase three wires simulation meter and three phase four wires, single phase energy meters hangs together have to meet the needs of the same voltage grade requirements. Simultaneously the simulation energy meter support the operation of the hand equipment's reading, also return the data of the readings to computer. According to the requirements above, instrument simulation energy meter need offer the follow products:

  1) Single phase simulation energy meter

  2) Three phase four wires straight line access type simulation energy meter(220V)

  3) Three phase four wires through transformer simulation energy meter (220V)

  4) Three phase three wires simulation energy meter

  5) One set of infrared reading meter hand instrument software.

  One set of Micro-computer software

  1、 Reference standard

  DL/T 645-1997 Multifunctional energy meter communication agreement

  DL/T 645-2007 Multifunctional energy meter communication agreement

  Q/GDW 129-2005 Electricity load management system general technical specification

  DL/T698-2010.3 Energy meter information acquisition and management system: electricity information acquisition terminal technology specification

  DL/T698-2010.4 Electricity informaiton acquisition and management system: communication agreement

  Q/GDW 354-2009 Intelligent energy meter function specification

  Q/GDW 355-2009 Single intelligent energy meter type specification

  Q/GDW 356-2009 three phase intelligent energy meter function specification

  Q/GDW 358-2009 0.5 class three phase intelligent energy meter technical specification

  Q/GDW 364-2009 Single intelligent energy meter technical specification

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