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Name: Electricity information acquisition master station system
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Name: Electricity information acquisition master station system

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  The power information collection master station system realizes the integrated collection and management of integrated electric energy. The system integrates large user load monitoring and power control management, distribution transformer monitoring and measurement management, substation electric energy collection management, and residential centralized meter reading and billing management , To achieve the district, sub-line, sub-voltage, sub-zone area of ​​electrical energy management and line loss statistical analysis functions. The power information collection main station system is suitable for the needs of municipal and county-level power companies for comprehensive collection and management of power information. The system provides an efficient, objective, and stable level of automation in electricity detection, electricity inspection, assessment, analysis, and management to power marketing managers through an intuitive and graphical interface, which reduces power marketing costs and helps improve Quality of power services. Its main functions are as follows:

  1. Remote meter reading, support 97, 07, Wasion and other protocols

  2. Load monitoring, real-time monitoring of user power load

  3. Purchase and sale control, realize pre-paid function

  4. Orderly electricity use

  5.Track and judge illegal electricity use

  6.Avoid mistakes when reading meters

  7.Line loss analysis and management

  8. Reasonable grid investment planning

  9.Improve grid quality and user satisfaction

  10.Provide timely and accurate data for the internal assessment of the power system

  11. Remote power-limit tripping, manual tripping and automatic tripping, supporting a variety of AC contactors such as pulse and level

  12.SMS function, support SMS query power, load, SMS control trip, SMS reminder, etc.

  13. Mis interface, support a variety of commonly used mis interfaces, electricity consumption data can be directly connected to the existing office charging system of the Electricity Bureau

  14, can output a variety of real-time and daily and monthly statistical reports, line loss, charges and other reports

  15. The data collection adopts the parallel processing technology of thread pool and memory pool, which completely solves the problem of large-scale parallel collection.

  16. Support multiple front-end processors, a single front-end processor supports more than 5000 terminal devices

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