Testing Automation`

Name: Information identification

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Details Introduction

Adopts FRID radio frequency tag, industrial barcode scanner to identify and position the logistics product in the system. It can realize the identification online in high speed, and the rate of identification can reach 100%, to realize the production and testing object's identify and data process.


Content Instroduction
online automatic one dimensional, two dimensional indentify system According to the scan of one and two dimensional in the product, realize the information check, binding, positioning, sorting tracking and other functions. Automatic verifying checking system set the identify element in the entrance of the system and the packing material
RFID tag identify system According to the magnetic sensors automatic identify element to read the RFID tag and different type of tags(UPC code、EAN code、ISBN code、ISSN code、39 code、128 code and so on), also realize the checking automatically for the tags and FRID (including the Identified products and tray)
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