Beijing watt-hour meter calibration center set up quality control system

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  In order to ensure the accurate and reliable of watt-hour meter of Beijing, Beijing watt-hour meter calibration center established a complete quality control system, intelligent watt-hour meter, respectively, by product supervision, the performance test, sample comparison, compulsory verification, logistics distribution, operation supervision and six links to carry out the quality control requirements.

  It is reported, Beijing watt-hour meter calibration center is authorized by Beijing's pledges inspect bureau statutory metrological verification institutions, bear the Beijing area for trade settlement in accordance with the single, three-phase watt-hour meter compulsory verification tasks. The center is equipped with standard watt-hour meter dissemination, intelligent watt-hour meter full performance testing, and other laboratory, shockproof, dustproof performance, power supply voltage, power quality, temperature and humidity are conform to the requirements of the verification test.

  It is this 6 traces are testing to ensure that the watt-hour meter gauge accurate and reliable. In the product manufacturing link, the verification center will quality control to the production, entrust a specialized supervision institution, send technical personnel to the manufacturer implementation supervision, of watt-hour meter components, production processes and internal quality control for supervision and inspection. All performance testing, test center for all performance testing before the arrival of the random sampling of watt-hour meter, through electromagnetic compatibility, the environmental impact such as 7 major categories, 123 test project, a comprehensive watt-hour meter in all kinds of bad electric, natural environment, to ensure stable performance, accurate measurement. Samples than link, each batch of the arrival of the watt-hour meter and the whole performance of the test sample tables for the sample, one by one to verify components brand, quantity and circuit layout are consistent, avoid to cut corners, to reduce the process problems. Compulsory verification link, the verification center of each watt-hour meter are compulsory verification in accordance with law, carry out the accuracy of timing error, creeping, start, day, pressure test and appearance inspection and so on four kinds of 18 pilot project. Logistics links, the calibration qualified watt-hour meter to implement unified logistics distribution, equipped with a special transport vehicles, ensure quality and reliable transport and handling process. Run the supervision link,  watt-hour meter run after six months, regularly carry out supervision and sampling inspection, supervision over the quality of watt-hour meter run and ensure the measurement accuracy in the process of watt-hour meter in use.

  Smart metering is an important part of the smart grid construction, is the smart grid connected with large power customer's important way. A new generation of watt-hour meter in addition to possess the basic function of electric energy metering, also has the electricity information storage, remote acquisition, information interaction, and other functions, and implements the business hall window, bank counter, kiosks, online banking, prepaid phone CARDS in a variety of ways, such as purchasing electricity.

  "Chinese quality newspaper on May 29, 2013

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