Standard Test Device

Name: 0.01class AC/DC meter standard device

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Details Introduction

  0.01 class AC/DC instrument standard device

  The device is used for checking the high precision multifunctional energy meters and the AC/DC instrument standard device (0.01 class AC/DC indicating meter calibration device); The device is made up of three phase high stable AC power, DC voltage power, DC current power (as the signal launch source) , the standard meter is composed of one three-phase 0.01 class standard energy meter and one eight-positions high precision multifunctional energy, and controlled by the computer to switch in different electric parameter to realize the multifunctional electrical measuring instrument automatic checking, also to the AC/DC indicating meter calibration device automatic checking.

  The device has the models of instrument checking and instrument indicating checking, automatic switch by the computer control, and also can measure the AC parameter input , output and measurement , as well as the DC parameter output, input and measurement.

  All the performance is realized by the computer, which can control the different parameter set, input/output control.

  AC voltage output: 1.5V—720V, stability: <0.005%, degree of distortion: <0.1%

  DC voltage output: 5mA---50A, output stability: <0.005%, degree of distortion: <0.1%

  Output voltage stability: <0.005%

  DC voltage output: ±50mV---750V, stability: <0.003%/2min, ripple content: <0.01% (>10V), <0.1%(≤10V)

  DC current output: ±5mA—20A, stability: <0.003%/2min, ripple content: ≤0.01% (>0.1A); ≤0.05% (≤0.1A)