Standard Test Device

Name: SH-DY09 Low voltage measurement simulational system

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Details Introduction

SH-DY09 is composed of one low-voltage power cabinet, many low-voltage measuring cabinet and computer control softwares, simulation directly connects or via current transformer's three phase three wires and three phase four wires form of measurement. This product adopts the forms of one power with many measuring cabinets, suitable for the schools and training centers.

SH-DY9 can finish the following training subjects: fix the meter and connect the electricity, Low measurement simulation, on-site energy meter test, reading the energy meter, rotation of the energy meter.

Low voltage power cabinet

Low voltage cabinet adopts three digital high power supply

1、Output Voltage

Output voltage range: 0%-120% adjustable

Each phase voltage scope can be set individual

Voltage degree of symmetry can be set randomly

2、Output current

Current range: 5A、10A、25A

Adjustable range:0%-120% can be adjust continously

Each current scope can be set individual

Each current phase can be set randomly

3、Phase adjust: 0°-359.99°

4、Frequency adjust:45Hz-65Hz

Low voltage measuring cabinet

Low voltage measuring cabinet adopts multifunctional low voltage connection cabinet, it can be operated on three sides

1. Programmable dummy load connected to the positive power supply, which can be measured by the current transformer simulation mode, you can also directly access the simulation measurement, current up to 30A

2. Programmable power load connected to the real left (three-phase), the maximum load per phase can take 300W, can take simple lighting load

3. Then left programmable real load power (single-phase), the maximum load per phase can take 300W, can take simple lighting load

4. Each cabinet while electrical connection of each other