Simulation Equipment

Name: DCZL13-SH606 Type collector

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Details Introduction

  DCZL13-SH606Type Collector is the main device to connect the energy meter and concentrator. It is used in the system of power electricity information collection, and to finish the exchange of the carrier signal and RS485 signal, so realize the carrier concentration meter reading of RS485. This collector has the functions of stable working, easy operation and maintenance, high reliability and cost effectively, it can meet the needs in remote meter reading for the user.

  Main technical parameter:

Technical standards:

Q/GDW 374.2-2009、
Q/GDW 375.3-2009

Meter reading interface

1 way independent RS485 port

Local maintenance interface

1way IRDA

Upward communication

Low-voltage power line carrier

Downward communication


Mode of connection

Single-phase supply

Operating voltage


Power consumption


Operating temperature range