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Three CDH electric won the 2012 annual award, director of the zhengzhou city by the open area

Number of visits: Date:2013年9月11日 16:23

  On May 9, qualitative inspect branch in the district management committee in 2013 quality work conference and the director award recognition event. In the report above designated size enterprises three CDH electrical through the screening finally won the award, issued by the government leading site for my company quality prize ", director of the "2012 annual zhengzhou city by the open area certificates and MEDALS, and expressed warm congratulations.

  Three CDH electrical always put quality as the theme throughout the production and business operation work, from the process quality control to the total quality management, to the quality system certification, until performance excellence management model import, one step at a time, quality management should be promoted, make the enterprise developed as instrument and meter industry leading backbone enterprises, these achievements obtained, is closely related to the company attaches great importance to the quality of improving quality, also is the open area to implement the strategy of brand drive to promote enterprise development.

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